I have a cool daughter

Most certainly.  (And son-in-law, for that matter . . . he was in on it.)  How many people’s kids would get them a new chainsaw AND the complete Daria AND the complete MPFC?  (MPFC because . . . it’s MPFC, and Daria ’cos she and I used to watch it together . . . and because Daria is the kid I wish I could have been in high school.)

L just got up; she must be groggy as hell ’cos she didn’t go to bed until after ten this morning.  I dunno why she’s up this early anyhow, dinner isn’t until six.

The goose is in the oven, sizzling away as the fat renders out of it (first hour at 400° to accomplish that), and I’m waiting to see whether a batch of Parker House rolls, which I’ve never made before, are actually gonna rise.  Later comes the Kashmiri spinach and the garlic broccoli . . . oh hell, I better go prep the broccoli.

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2 Responses to I have a cool daughter

  1. zem says:

    I’ve always wanted to try making a goose! how did it turn out?

    • It turned out well, although there was surprisingly little meat on the bones for a ten-pound bird. It fed six where it ought to have fed ten. (Other geese in other years have done.) There was also a full quart of rendered goose grease, by the time I was done.

      The rolls, OTOH, were a flop. I’ve got to find a yeast-roll recipe that works for me.