Pledge drive!

Yeah, it’s time again:  KUT’s fall membership drive, and I’ve already donated the first four hours of the ten I’ve signed up to do during the drive (Eklektikos and the first hour of Music with Jay Trachtenberg)—took calls, hand-held n00b volunteers, chatted with station staff.  Now I’m off until Saturday night with Twine Time, then a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon and Folkways.

This is either the last or next-to-last drive that we’ll have in Communications Building B (the Rusty Box), as the new KUT studios continue to go up across the street without any rain (waaaah!) to delay the builders, so soon I won’t go up the D’Hanis tile steps any more, worn down and roughened by forty-one years of student feet.  I myself have been going in and out of CMB for 36 years straight.  Shocking, a bit, to think that only one on-air person is all that’s still there longer than I’ve been a volunteer.

And for your point-and-laugh for the day, here’s a photo of me taken at the station about 1976:

kut 90.5 @ 1975

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13 Responses to Pledge drive!

  1. Lucy Wagner says:

    I’m trying to visualize where “across the street” is…Guadalupe, Whitis, 26th? I do remember when they built that rusty box and we all thought it was probably the ugliest building we had ever seen. Hopefully the new building will be nicer looking. I remember one student body president wanted to paint MKT on the side because he thought it looked like a railroad car.

    • Marchbanks says:

      North across 26th, on top of what you would remember as the Student Financial Aid parking lot. And it’ll have to be awfully awful to be worse than the Box. That building was one of the only real howlers I’ve ever seen that had Ford, Powell & Carson’s name on the plate.

      • Lucy Wagner says:

        I guess one way to keep students out of the Financial Aid office is to put a building on the parking lot…but then, most people walked or biked there anyway. Or, they just stayed on hold for a very long time if they called.

        • Marchbanks says:

          SFAO isn’t even there any more. Now they’re in the new Student Services building, where the ADPi house used to be at the other end of Whitis from C’bury. And there’s still no parking.

  2. Made of Paradox says:

    When will your remaining hours be?

  3. Damnit, Nicole! says:

    Awesome picture!!!

    • Ain’t I just full of piss and vinegar there? That’s what being nineteen will do for you. 🙂

      You note this was also in the days before you couldn’t smoke indoors. I once had a scrap with a long-gone volunteer coordinator, who was Mormon and couldn’t stand my pipes, about that.

  4. George Cooper says:

    Eklektikos, Music with Jay Trachtenberg, Twine Time, and Folkways. You MUST have a lot of seniority among the volunteers to grab four of the best that KUT has to offer. Do they still occasionally play Waltzing With Bears on Eklectikos?

    • Kelly says:

      If they don’t, I’ll sing it for you

    • Marchbanks says:

      I gots me more seniority than any other two or three volunteers put together. Hell, I’m so senior that I worked as a volunteer before there ever was a pledge drive. There’s not a lot of volunteer perks I could ask for that I wouldn’t get from sheer loyalty.

      And no, the station’s copy of The Minneapolis Concert is either lost or worn out, and no groundswell of support from listeners to replace it.

  5. Aronal says:

    CMB is 41, seriously? I remember when it was built, the old RTF dept. was in a wooden house where the animal research lab is now and the KLRU studios were housed in a WWII army barracks on the East Mall. BTW, I was a freshman in ’76.

    • Srsly 41. The date 1970 is on the architect’s plaque.

      Yes, you being a freshman in ’76 sounds about right since I think I remember you saying you graduated HS early.